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Finance & Insurance

Banks, credit unions, stock brokers, insurance companies and other such businesses are considered a major target both by opportunistic and determined attackers. In an industry where reputation and trust are essential, cyber-attacks continuously increase in number and sophistication and create even greater damage

The goals of these attackers commonly revolve around accessing sensitive data or account credentials that can be used to commit fraud or leveraging money movement functionalities built into applications in order to benefit from it directly. Their techniques often include stolen credentials, application-level attacks and social engineering.

Technology & Infrastructure

Organizations in the industries of manufacturing, technology, transportation, utilities, infrastructure and defense may seem to have little in common, but they are all likely targets of focused attacks that take more time, skills and resources.

These attacks are carried out with the goal of gaining access to intellectual property for strategic or technological advantage, or to sensitive data that can be used for direct or indirect profit. Because this sensitive information is not easy to locate, attacks will often involve social engineering techniques, leveraging insiders, outsiders or a mix between the two.

Retail, food & hospitality

With omni-channel shopping, new payment technologies and an evolving digital landscape, retailers represent attractive targets for cyber criminals and cannot afford to ignore security issues.

Aside from the opportunistic attacks there are also threats on applications that contain payment information, perform financial transactions or store personally identifiable information.

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